The Heating Season is Upon Us

Summer is over and it’s time to start thinking about the heating season which has already arrived. The farmers almanac is predicting above normal snowfall as well. We need to make sure the direct vent appliances are properly vented. Not only do we need to make sure the pipes are above the snow line we also need to make sure bushes and shrubbery near the vent are cut back. Snow buildup on branches can cause limbs to bent and possibly blocked the flue. All condensate lines that that are piped outside also need to be protected or relocated. It is also very important to check your appliance for carbon monoxide detectors. If none exists, recommend the installation of a hardwired unit with a battery operated backup. When you are performing the maintenance on the units make sure to clean the condensate trap and the condensate pump. Also, check the PVC flew for any discoloration which could emanate from high exhaust temperatures. After you have done all this, change the filter. You should measure the temperature rise to the furnace especially if the customer buys their own filters. The high-efficiency good, better, best filters that are sold at the box stores can cause problems in older systems with add on air-conditioning. Using those filters may not allow for proper airflow. Turn the thermostat so the heat comes on. On hot water boilers you can also check the supply and return water temperatures. Most heating systems are designed on a 20° Delta T. You can have a design that calls for a greater difference. If the heating system is forced hot water, in most cases it is designed around hundred 80° supply water temperature. If the boiler has an indirect hot water heater connected to it check the flow as well. If the circulator and piping are not sized properly, the heater will not produce the rated hot water GPH. The next important item to do is combustion efficiency test. This goes for gas or oil, furnace or boiler. If you had a technician install a high-efficiency equipment and it is not set up correctly, then your customer is not receiving the correct efficiency and problems may develop with the equipment. One last point, don’t forget to put a shovel in your truck before the snow flies in case you need to shovel out there for you. Make sure your customer is aware of the need to keep the flu clear. Contact Shalin Plumbing for your boiler or furnace check-up at: 781-5584680